For  summerfinding"You’ve come here to kill me, of course?" "But not without considerable regret."

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I was outside a New York hotel the other day and this woman was very heavily pregnant. We got chatting because she loved the show and I asked her when the baby was due. She told me she was having a boy but didn’t know what to call him or what would go with her surname, Nathan. She asked me what my name was, because she only knew me as Jon Snow, and when I told her, we both looked at each other and said, ‘Kit Nathan!’ She called her husband over and they decided there and then that’s what they’d call the baby. I was like, wicked. But for evermore this little guy will have to say his parents called him Kit because they met this random douchebag actor who then disappeared without a trace… (x)

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Two sailors ca. 1940-1945. An image featured in the “Love and War” exhibit at the Kinsey Institute Gallery. More info on the exhibit can be found here.

The photo is usually seen cropped from the waist up, as it was in the 1980s when the activist organization ACT-UP used in it on a T-shirt in their Read My Lips campaign. But the print hanging in the Kinsey gallery is the original version. Below decks, the sailors’ flies are open, and they are, so to speak, crossing swords.”

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Here are some wonderful facts about Sea World’s orcas!

  • The average lifespan of wild orcas ranges from 30-50 years, although some females can easily make it past 80 (a wild orca named J2 or ‘Granny’ is 103 this year!). The lifespan of a Sea World orca is around 25 years, the median age being 9. But at least they put on a good show!
  • Don’t worry, collapsed dorsal fins are a common condition, although in the wild only sick or injured orcas have collapsed dorsal fins. All of Sea World’s males and some females have it, it makes them look unique! 
  • The size of Sea World’s tanks compared to an orca is about the same as a human to a bathtub. Lot’s of room to stretch and move!
  • Wild orcas swim 100+ miles a day, they would have to swim around their tank 1,400+ times a day to achieve that. But that seems like a lot of work, and you may see the animals hanging out near the surface of the water or on the bottoms of their tanks for hours. That’s a lot more relaxing than swimming all those miles!
  • Sea World gives their orcas a Valium-like drug to stop the whales from acting aggressively towards each other and to numb their minds from their vastly uninteresting concrete tanks. Buying a ticket to Sea World is an excellent way to help them pay for these drugs that they pump their animals full with!
  • Many captive orcas show abnormal behaviors like head bobbing, chewing on concrete, and self mutilation by banging their heads into the side of the tank. Obviously just temper-tantrums! Silly things.
  • In the wild, there has been only one orca attack. Bad orca! While in captivity, there have been over 100 attacks and 4 deaths. These animals just need more training, it couldn’t possibly be related to their confinement! 
  • Food is used as reinforcement for tricks. Do a trick, get your dinner. Don’t want to do a trick? I guess you don’t eat tonight you stubborn thing! 

See? Sea World isn’t as bad as people make it out to be! Oh, one more fact: for every $1,000,000 Sea World makes, about $600 goes into conservation efforts (about $0.5 a ticket). I’m so glad they care about conservation of the ocean! Amazing work!

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If you haven’t realized it yet, this post is 100% sarcastic. It should be obvious, but not everyone understands sarcasm…

Please don’t let this die

My family wants to go to sea world when we go to Brisbane and I’m going to refuse to go for this reason

I remember a guy in my class saying he wanted to be a dolphin trainer at Sea World “because he loved animals so much”

He probably doesnt know
Don’t condemn him for not knowing
Just kindly educate him on what’s really happening

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when your otp is in an intense argument and their faces get closer together but then they stop talking 

and they look at the others’ lips




Dark Ages, Schmark Ages. The De-Textbook cuts through that and so much more fake-fact bullshit.

cloudy with a chance of witch burning

your periodic reminder that a good chunk of Europe basically shat the bed for a few centuries while everyone else kinda did their thing.

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Damn, is this one online anywhere? I hate not having HBO, first for Ricky Gervais, now for John Oliver.

Double burn! God I love him.

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House Love

  • How to Love Your Gryffindor: They're idealists. It really is the thought that counts. Make the big gesture. Send flowers to them at work. Write them a poem. Volunteer at their favorite cause. Make them dinner. Sing them a love song, even if - especially if - you suck, at singing, because then your Love is overriding what Everyone Else Says. Do something romantic in public. Go overboard. Tell them they're the kind of love that you read about in storybooks. Tell them they're special. Make them feel Romanced.
  • How to Love Your Hufflepuff: It's all about the togetherness, the commitment, being in the same groove. Spend time with them, even if it's inconvenient. Cuddles and back rubs. Stay in bed together an extra twenty minutes on your day off. Get to know their friends/family. Become at least familiar with their fandoms. Make something together. Try something new together. Tell them your life would be gutted without them in it. Tell them they're beautiful when they're in sloppy clothes. Take care of them. Make them feel accepted.
  • How to Love Your Ravenclaw: They want it concrete. Do a chore for them that they hate. Let them know you deleted your ex off Facebook for them. Memorize their favorite things and important dates. Keep souveniers. Ask them what they want, don't assume. If they are enthusiastic about a subject, make at least an effort to learn about it. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Ravenclaws panic if they have to guess what you're feeling/thinking. Show them they matter, don't just tell them.
  • How to Love Your Slytherin: They want to feel important. Get them something frivolous or a little luxury, even if just whipped cream on their coffee. Send them to a spa for a day, or set up a makeshift one in your room. Leave them little coupons they can redeem for kisses/hugs/time/sex when they want or need it. Ask them what they need. Don't ever attack them for spending too much time on their clothes/appearance. Ask them about themselves. Give them "me time." Pamper them.
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but why are french people so rude!!" you ask


it’s because our national symbol is a cock


so we can’t help being dicks

this is my post with the most notes and it’s a dick joke

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im in a country that has children beheading people like a sport.

arab peooplleee!

I’m sorry if all the inbreeding that’s been happening in your family for the past few generations has fucked you up to a point where you can’t read a book or go outside but he isn’t Arab and you’re so dumb I’m feeling physically ill

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Hope you don’t mind, but I’m quoting part of your Read More…

 ”idk if i’m wording this right, but i also get this really uncomfortable, erotic vibe in the beating down of these women (abaddon’s death scene comes to mind), like the writers are getting a power rush off being able to kill women in all of its grotesqueness and glory.

It’s funny you say that, and mention Abaddon specifically, because Alaina Huffman said pretty much the same thing you did at Vancon. [x]

"[Huffman] seemed kind of uncomfortable with the amount of violence and misogyny directed at her character, saying that it felt like ‘the writers were treating me as their personal therapy by putting me through all this stuff… They stabbed me, cut my head off, shot me, called me all these dirty names"…

She also talked about how she remembered feeling really discomfited by the guns and being shot in the face and stabbed in her first episode, and saying “can you do that?” about what her character went through, at least once.

Apparently they told her that ‘oh yeah, it’s okay, because she’s a monster’.”

Now, think about all the evil women/monsters on the show. Think of how they died, what violence was done to them (usually by the heroes).

  • Remember Meg, being stripped naked, tortured, and raped with a knife. Remember her being killed off-handedly by her abuser.
  • Remember Ruby, being stripped naked and tortured.
  • Remember Abaddon, being tied up and tortured, having her hands cut off so she couldn’t fight back. Being set on fire. Remember her barely fighting back as Dean savagely stabbed her to death.
  • Remember Hael, lying broken and battered and helpless, glass shards in her head, being stabbed by Cas
  • Remember the Nephilim, who didn’t do shit to anyone but whom they made Cas kill anyway, and rip out her heart
  • Remember Anna, who wasn’t even evil, just brainwashed and tortured, burned alive by Michael
  • Remember Lilith, who actually wanted Sam to kill her bloody
  • Remember the female-vesseled Raphael, who exploded in a bloody mess

Now, think of their male counterparts. Were any of them subjected to the same lurid, prolonged deaths scenes? Were any of them stripped naked and tortured? How many died bloody? How many were killed with excessive force? Or were their deaths usually quick and with little blood? How did the Big Bad Men die?

  • Azazel, who killed Mary and Jess and John, shot once in the head
  • Alastair, who tortured (including implied rape) Dean for decades, is killed by Sam’s mind in a mostly bloodless fashion
  • Uriel was quickly killed with one stab
  • Bartholomew was stabbed once, quickly
  • The angel of Douchebags, Zachariah, stabbed once in the face
  • Dick Roman is stabbed once in the neck, before exploding in black goo
  • Raphael’s male vessel was turned into salt
  • Crowley…oh, he’s still alive for some fucking reason, he’s like the Winchesters uncle according to the writers

Even Cas’s death in 7x02, while on the gory side, was still kinda beautiful to look at. It was not grotesque and vulgar, like so many of the female monster deaths are.

Female monsters are tortured, stripped, raped, viciously and bloodily killed. Male monsters are quickly put down, not tortured nearly so often and never tortured naked, and often die pretty bloodless deaths.


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